Case Study #1: Streamlining Systems for Maximum Savings

When our client sought assistance in conducting a comprehensive business systems audit, we uncovered a myriad of redundant tools draining resources. Monthly and annual subscriptions for both utilized and unused tools were proving to be a substantial expense for the business. The challenge intensified as our client used separate platforms for landing pages and email marketing, despite already leveraging Kajabi for product hosting.

Our strategy involved a meticulous resolution plan. We started with deleting or downgrading accounts with recurring billing for unnecessary platforms. The focus then shifted to seamlessly merging all functions into Kajabi, creating a unified platform for multiple tasks. This included eliminating one unused G-suite, three outdated G-suites post-rebranding, and tools like Calendly. We downgraded Docusign, switched from Leadpages to Kajabi for landing/sales pages, and shifted email marketing from Convertkit to Kajabi.

  • Deleted 1 unused G-suite: $6 monthly
  • Deleted 3 past G-suites: $18 monthly
  • Deleted Calendly: $15 monthly
  • Downgraded Docusign to free plan: $60 monthly
  • Switched from Leadpages to Kajabi: $37 monthly
  • Switched from Convertkit to Kajabi: $99 monthly

Monthly Savings: $191
Yearly Savings: $2,292

Anna Wood

Our comprehensive approach not only streamlined operations but resulted in significant monthly and yearly savings. By maximizing the capabilities of Kajabi and eliminating redundant tools, we transformed our client's system into a cost-effective, unified powerhouse.

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Case Study #2: The Ascension Arena -
Transforming Program Launch Efficiency

anna wood

Anna Wood aimed to launch a dynamic program, releasing a new module monthly for three months. The challenge was intensified by a tight timeline of just two weeks for Remote Rockstars® to understand Anna's business, past program structures, and set up the launch. Complications arose with the absence of Anna's existing virtual assistant leading up to the launch.

Despite initial hurdles, we swiftly developed missing content and organized the first two modules during intensive Zoom meetings with Anna. For future launches, we implemented a content management system that ensured seamless posting and helped avoid missing or disordered content. We further streamlined the launch process by simplifying document hyperlinking and clarifying written copy details with Anna's virtual assistant.
The streamlined communication and content management system not only resolved past challenges but significantly eased Anna's involvement in content review. Our collaborative expert work resulted in smoother launches with fewer issues or mistakes.
"Remote Rockstars® turned a complex launch into a streamlined process. Their commitment to understanding my business, resolving communication issues, and implementing an effective content management system has made my program launches efficient and error-free. Highly recommended!"

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