Case Study: Answer the Call - Launching Success in Group Coaching

Sara Thompson, a first-time group coaching program creator, faced the daunting task of building her program from scratch. Her requirements spanned the entire program lifecycle, from outreach and pre-launch logistics to post-launch maintenance. Drafting over 130 personalized emails became a crucial challenge, as each required individual attention rather than bulk messaging. Managing the intricate logistics of invoicing, member data collection, Facebook group setup, and scheduling individual coaching sessions added complexity.

In response to the challenge, the Remote RockstarsĀ® team meticulously tackled each personalized email, understanding the importance of individualized outreach. Our collaborative approach involved drafting email batches, allowing Sara to review and make personalized adjustments. For logistics, we employed Google Forms for the intake process, created a shared Dropbox folder for resource accessibility, and utilized Doodle for streamlined scheduling.

Sara Thompson

The careful crafting of personalized emails, seamless communication, and effective solutions for logistical challenges set the stage for Sara's successful group coaching program. Leveraging simple tools like Google Suite, Doodle, Dropbox, we ensured a smooth experience for both Sara and her participants.

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